I seek opportunities that will enable me apply learned skills, and gain the valuable practical experiences required, to operate in an education work environment. I have an established work ethic, the discipline to work in a deadline driven environment, a willingness to learn, and an ability to efficiently multitask.


M.Ed. Education, Emphasis on Learning, Design and Technology May 2018

College of Education- University of Houston main campus, Houston Texas

B.A. Communications, Emphasis on Media Production

Minor: World Cultures and Literature December 2014

Jack J. Valenti school - University of Houston: Main Campus, Houston Texas


• Languages: English, Igbo, Korean.

  • Computer skills: Proficient with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript; with a basic knowledge of PHP

• Video and audio creation and editing with Final cut pro and Adobe Creative suite CC Video tools. Experience operating both audio and video studio recording, and playback equipment.

• Good communication and cooperative skills; extensive experience in working in multicultural and teams, and among people with diverse skill sets.


Application Developer, University of Houston College of Natural Science and Math IT Department June 2018- Current

  • Design of responsive interfaces of College Apps using HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

  • Create audio-visual media content for students, faculty, and staff.

Graduate Teaching Assistant, College of Natural Science and Math IT Department June 2017 - May 2018

  • Assist the in-house instructional Designer in the creation of job, teaching, and learning aids for students and Faculty.

  • Engage in Media content development of video and print materials for faculty and Staff.

Technology Trainer, University of Houston Libraries August 2016 – June 2017

• Created and facilitated training sessions on the use of the Microsoft Office suite, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe After effects for the University of Houston's Undergraduate and Graduate students, and employees.

Instructor, Idea lab kids Houston Texas. JUNE 2015- APRIL 2016

• Led in the construction of Technology Education curriculum for children grades K-5.

• Led in the instruction of children grades K-6 in Arduino, Makey-Makey, Lego robotics, Movie studio, 3D printing and Introductory coding software such as Tynker, Scratch and Scratch Jr.

Instructor, I-Kids Inc., Houston, Texas. JANUARY – JUNE 2015

Led instruction in the use of computer software animation and Lego robotics to children grades K-5.

Research Assistant AUGUST 2013- MAY 2014

• Assisted in the formation and distribution of questionnaires for research on African American women and HIV/AIDS

• Assisted in the procurement of participants for the study.

Peer assistant, University of Houston Office of Admissions- Uscholars MARCH- AUGUST 2013

• Led training of student advisor and peer advisor teams, on the use of incoming student fall semester academic planning tool.

• Facilitated communications between incoming students, advisors, and the University; by sending out weekly reminders, and making phone calls to specific student orientation groups, on academic expectations.


  • Scholarship recipient: Jack and D'ann Burke International Scholarship Fall 2012

  • Scholarship Recipient: McGovern Foundation Scholarship Fall 2017