Interests and Opportunities

Because of my interest in actually creating educational content, I spend most of my time watching other creators of educational content. 

Below you can find some of my favorites; the ones  I view as my inspiration.

I believe that one of my biggest interests and influences has been television. I especially like feature stories because I believe that they help expose viewers to  enlightening situations and things 

NHK is one of my favorite television channels when it comes to this. My favorite shows are "A Century on Film" - which deals with 20th century history, and "Herstory" which deals with female pioneers .

This is one of my favorite YouTube channels. like TED-Ed, one can get a condensed dose of important information about various useful topics

This YouTube channel uses storytelling to pass along philosophical concepts to viewers. I like this channel a lot because it  can apply to anyone whether young or old.

TED - Ed is probably one of the most inspiring companies out there to me, It is also one of my dream workplaces. They use the digital storytelling structure to introduce learners to various things such as history, culture, science, and even logic!